Gather Bones

by The Historian Himself

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lazarus thumbnail
lazarus This artist gives me goosebumps.
kareem brown
kareem brown thumbnail
kareem brown I really dig both albums. It's different in a good way and The Historian has rhyming skills.
Fav album- Junglecat Technique
Fav Songs- Punji Trap & Snow Leopard Origins
Hansel Nothing
Hansel Nothing thumbnail
Hansel Nothing I didn't actually know what to expect. I clicked on this artist completely by accident but it was a happy mistake. It's like soul, folk and hip hop all mixed into one. It's not aggressive like rap, but more of a quiet approaching storm. Love it. Favorite track: Old Black Coffin.
Derrick thumbnail
Derrick It's a really hard toss-up between this and ghost elk, but there's something incredibly chilling about the prospect of grinding up one's ancestor's bones "to cure our disease." The hook hits hard and cuts in deep, i couldn't stop listening to this song for weeks after i bought the album. Favorite track: Old Black Coffin.
Skeks* thumbnail
Skeks* Where does one even start with an album like this. It's certainly not for everyone, but for the advanced listener that can get into the space to appreciate this, you'll realize it's something really unique and special. The creative poetic content, hard edged mythic themes and clever interplay of voice, beats, and sound is pretty brilliant. If you're able to get into it, many of these tracks are undeniably epic and ill as fu€k. Definitely deserves and requires multiple listens to fully grasp, intake, enjoy, and ponder..
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This is my second full length, self produced album.
You can download the album for free on my website (but it might not work on some mobile devices):

Stay tuned to my facebook page where I will be auctioning off hand painted CDs of this album:

If you support me on patreon you'll get access to an audio short story supplementary to Gather Bones as well as a bunch of other behind the scenes and bonus material:


released November 10, 2015

Lyrics, lead vocals, whistlin' & production – historian
Fiddle & banjo – Drew McGowan
Flutes – Jackie Liu
Spooky singin' – Kim Megowan
Ghuzheng – Jiayi Meng
Mastering – Steven Doman



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historian himself California

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Track Name: Hungry Forever More
they're asking: why are them jaws so strong?
why are them claws so long?
they're asking: why do you knaw through to the marrow of the bone?
because i'll be hungry forever more

i've seen the hungry little fish make the flesh no more
i've seen the high tide bring them bones to the shore
i've seen the worms in the soil
and the vulture soar
and i'll be hungry forever more

i've heard them insects make their strange songs in the night
i've seen an old coyote with them glowin eyes
i've seen a child get born
and a grown man die
and i'll be hungry forever more
Track Name: Old Black Coffin
our ancestry is an old black coffin
embraced by the roots of a great ash tree
our ancestry is so cold and forgotten
now don't be afraid to open it with me
we'll break the latch with the butt of a rifle
and pulverize the bones to cure our disease
oh our ancestry is so cold and forgotten
now don't be afraid to open it with me
Track Name: 'Til Spring
he grabbed the stag by its cold antlers and hauled it from the snow drift
Track Name: Omens
she sung of black winged things from the east
with faces like masks and talons on their feet
she sung of dark clouds from the mountains falling down
and how these shooting stars are but omens
from above
Track Name: Hear Chinese
i came to bend my back
make that old pickaxe swing
i'm gonna dig until i hit gold
or hear chinese

and while yall watch that lantern fall
til darkness swallows the glow
i'll be somewhere down below
seein' just how deep this ol' rabbit hole goes

cuz i came to bend my back
make that old pickaxe swing
i'm gonna dig until i hit gold
or hear chinese
Track Name: Meet Grimlore
it's grimlore the ghostly
Track Name: So Much Jesus
there's only so much jesus to go around
Track Name: Church of Bones
oh i don't know
what shall we do with all these bodies
oh i don't know
perhaps we'll build a church out of their bones
Track Name: Ghost Elk
i am ghost elk, broken-quill, heavy-brow, the waker. i creep like the light of dawn over eastern ridge with quiver laden, hear their hooves and hollow ribs.

the slaughtered elk army followed me through generations migratory, hear their antlers in the wind.
Track Name: Throwing Torches
we came to break down the gate and burn down the fortress
Track Name: Heart and Lungs
the heart and lungs
the voice and the drum
were married from the moment they were born
the heart beat for its lungs
and the lungs sang to their drum
as the golden sun sank into blackest africa
and by the fireside all stories were born
Track Name: Shadow Beloved
oh i rose so slowly
up from the loam
and i found you there
in the sky
all clothed in stars discarded light
and you gave to me my shadow beloved
Track Name: Time to Rebuild
it's time to rebuild
but we move on so slowly
it's time to rebuild
for the past fades unholy
and i curl with the leaves
amongst the ghosts of old november
'til it all falls away
with the wind in the winter