by The Historian Himself

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released September 8, 2015

lyrics & final mix = historian
beats by:
BLAQ MASQ www.youtube.com/user/BLAQXMASQ
Buddah Killah soundcloud.com/buddahkillah
Fabio Emma
Dr. X soundcloud.com/ectopic-beatz
Backshot Entertainment www.youtube.com/channel/UCRSD64Uq8-l2MN8FlG6RZoQ
MUJO情 mujobeatz.bandcamp.com
historian dontmesswithdinosaurs.com
Alex Golkar
加拿大人 sp-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=19417&sid=d2add41382ecc37743ffc80b43130fcf



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Track Name: Yokai (beat by BLAQ MASQ)
i was born an old mountain spirit shinto yokai from samourai land japan
i slaughtered alotta ninjas in my sleep thought it was a dream then woke up covered in severed limbs with a bloody kitana in my hand
now i roam as lone ronin slowly recomposing the bones of my prehistoric gorgon clan
beware my fierce glare
my stare can kill
turn you to stone where you stand wth one glance
probability you survive in my advanced labyrinth:
SLIM CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this rusty dirt encrusted shovel on my shoulder indicate i'll escavate till i'm watchin terra cotta soldiers topple over
i'm hopeful the pyre kindles my corspse til it smolders aurora borealis
hover above the mountains cast glow till every wolves eyes flicker from cold shadows
then drag you off in the dark to gnaw bones to the marrow
my poisoned arrows glide silent and silence those who oppose my old alliance with mythic giants

i photosynthesize in a permafrost stunted bonsai forest as mummified artifact bronze age glorious
i've died a thousand times but still i walk the land conquering fortresses my catapults launch urns packed with poisonous poultices resulting in an explosive bursts of carnivorous plant growth
now your village stands abandoned inhabited only by sad ghosts and gigantic amphibian floatin in stagnated moats
my skin grows moss probably because i stomp through swamps with a bucket
seeking mysterious beasts my flesh leaks poisonous tree sap and luminous insects drink from it

ominous shark like fins carving the waves large fangs obsidian blades deep water creatures beyond chameleon strange a thousand years of age and still in it's first larval phase
the golden chrysalis awaits the golden chrysalis awaits
Track Name: Stack Carcasses (beat by Buddah Killah)
and there was a great trembling
a dismembering of shadows
the sky closed its eyes
as the bright day was swallowed
wild arch backed saber toothed cat 
amidst his frigid boulders
gnaws a clattering shoulder
coiling recurve vertebral column broken
a moment stolen exploded into a million
then rebuilt again
the old hunger smolders
til the fierce flame flickers
now let the smoke thicken
broken by the sound of water
the temple is pond rippling
bark ripped clean from the xylem
as a quiet sign to them who pass
the last and heavy breathing
dragged into the cold cave
as it rained
ink bleeding on a letter pleading
dusk is falling son,
don't be caught blinking
for he was
the odd camouflage
the jaws in the shadows
the frogs strange song
the profane and the hallowed
the old chief seething speaking in a tongue none fathom
the jungle cats tactic in keeping
with the fact that
i'm not from your city
i'm from the fertile land that your city is eating
and on behalf of those speaking
came into this world with my determination hardened
been told many times my eyes commit arson
a dark mist in the silent forest
porcelain tortoise embryo 
found frozen
and a little boy holds it
pedaling unsteadily down a mountain of corpses
singing a strange song
in his mind a chorus echoing through the caverns
i came to stack the carcasses
and branch out my antlers
with alligator lizard sinister eyes to strike mantis
prehensile tail woven through the sage brush's branches
the sacred wind is fragrant
sun dances with the cactus
through time and space
my tangled brain ate the mathematics
that's why i came to stack the carcasses
and branch out my antlers
Track Name: Snow Leopard Origins (beat by Dr. X)
his master handed him the secret manuscript and talisman
then passed from this plane with a whispered word

a snow leopard with grey fur
great mountain ranges and forest traversed
the falling avalanche stance practiced
mastering quiet tactics
with strong fists of tan granite
the massive slab was fractured and slid from the cliffside
by the gentle freeze and thaw great energy released from palm
through mental discipline within the beast of calm

a psalm recited
all great forces must harmonize with the rise and fall of time spiraling
the void eternally swallowing
following the riverbank in meditation
in a sacred place where mountains grew at the same rate the waves ate the continent
in the desolate wastelands wandering

his mission
find an apprentice worthy of the lesson

but town after town he encountered only the aggressive, greedy, inhospitable and bad,
many years passed, he walked alone until the white snow and his beard matched
then one cold day
he came to find an orphan staggering down a steep mountain path
her dirty cheeks streaked by some dark deed shortly passed
bare feet worn ragged in fact she hadn't even looked back
so deep were the scars so bleak was her heart
so feeble and helpless she felt as she watched them rip her family apart

she shuddered frozen and fearful of danger
but an odd calm emanated from this stranger
he would take her to a secret refuge high in the snowy ranges
and there he would train her
to focus the inner strength
take life by the reins and master it
and teach her techniques she would ultimately surpass him with…

and when the great spiral of time finally left her old master breathless
she left his side on the slopes of a mountain high
he requested no burial it was his wish that his flesh might be left as a gift
to the creatures of the wild which inspired his discipline's philosophy and style
the remnants of an earthly vessel whitened and broken
crumbling slowly at the point of snow leopard origin

and so she would creep
to the lower slopes studying the forests beasts and evolving her own jungle cat techniques
she would seek an old blade from the east an heirloom her father had hidden beneath
the shrine where her ancestors sleep
the very artifact that her parents had died hiding from the hands of thieves

a young master
though none could surpass her
on the road her fists were soon tested on those who threatened travelers
hands hardened through hardship
her sword quickened through practice to strike any target
with power and grace through time and space accurately moving
a savage truth fused with mysterious beauty
Track Name: Bamboo Forest (beat by Fabio Emma)
welcome to the old bamboo forest
welcome to the old bamboo forest
in the breeze it gently sways
oddly transplanted to the coast of the golden state where i stay
that's why my words take the shape of an old master practicin
perched atop volcanic boulders sculpted by the oceans waves

see i've been marinatin takin on the flavor
of the households i was raised in
skeleton strengthened by the immigrant work ethic my best friends were trained in
the discipline ancient survive by hybridization
combined with adapative radiation
no stranger to long range migrations

this albino corpse ape in a state of steady metamorphosis
internal armor forged glorious
from the stories of a thousand far flung traditions
a combat system of conjured visions
launched with precision
my ribcage contain a smoldering katana thrust under
near the ruins of manzanar
it summoned a lightening storm vicious

now the son of a hundred jungles holds thunder in his chest wild eyed
roaming the hillsides
blessed by the fire of the rising sun from behind a smoky cloak floating above the burning wilderness
on the distant fringes of los angeles
watch the city creep a concrete infection
over old farm lands with rich topsoil deep in all directions
now swallowed by hollow greed
for the lure or flashing ephemeral things
that nobody really needs
i watched i as pollywogs writhe dying in a drying stream

welcome to my old bamboo forest, feral and transplanted
a hermit kingdom in a canyon
five thousand miles from its native home range
and growing round the remains of a rich man's burnt down estate
on a plot of land taken from natives, where their tribes once faced cave bears
and saber toothed cats since back in the days of ancients

these are the landscapes i was raised in growing slow
bonsai child wild weathered and mangled
festooned in jungle vines with dinosaur feathers entangled
chumash cave paintings adorn my skull cavern
unfold patterns stone crop and moss matted
whatchin scraggly coyote stalkin beyond the tall cactus
practicin the technique neck deep in an insect infested creek
leapin from a tall rock screamin something in tagolog

ferruginous hawk talon skills given unto me by my father breaking in the chilling killing fields
of a filthy inner city street and he to the best of his ability attempted to maintain a fragile frame of dignity upholding these complete human ruins in the rotting wound of society
that's why ever since i was a child i've known my species is fucking frightening
and so i confronted my own dark side roaming lonely in the hinterlands
a young predatory beast not yet a man

a wild creature seekin agility
the abilities steadily increased through battling
plus support received from expanded family
yall welcomed & fed the blonde heathen
many thanks for the strong tea i was steeped in
and your households as a refuge
i still slip my shoes off at the door
respect to you and yours
Track Name: Punji Trap (beat by Backshot Entertainment)
listen i've risen to rip you apart with my tusks and trust i crush with enough force to mash that flimsy corpse to mush
see i gotta feed these squawking offpspring
deep in a cold cave we call home
the floor's littered with bones from far more formiddable foes
it's well known; i wander where real wild things roam
places that make little boys dressed up in wolves clothes
get back on their sail boats
and row home
i float with steve irwins vengeful ghost
wearing khaki shorts and a wacky smile
relocating humans into the jaws of deadly crocodiles
all the while releasing dangerous ancient creatures in to what was once the wild
vicious prehistoric lizards that rip through viscera and gizzards
in a city park after dark they'll eat your heart and liver
while deep in an old forest i leap from beneath tree branches & leaves with a machete
a head falls heavy
the experiment commences as the skull is buried in a sacred clearing
where is sprouts a strange tree
the locals have begun fearing my odd orchards and report of hearing mysterious roaring from a strange creature they cant see
for indeed the beast is known to only emerge on dark nights with no moon
while i loom in the treetops watching quietly as it emerges to consume the hanging brain like fruit that grew


punji trap jaws came to lock heavy
and sever
render bones to ragged splinters
jagged dentition
i swim with vicious fishes in jungle rivers
spiller of swirling ink cloud and loud with the war cry
i raise my staff to moon height and alight silent
on bending branch
and watch the hive dance in the tidal night
you've been warned
the colony swallows all
dismantled and carried off
harden up the armor or get cracked open by hungry jaws
this is armor growth metamorphosis
venomous spine harpoonin through your melon like porpoises

old charcharodontosaur form that tore apart a victim
i got chunks of your species hung up in my creepy grimace
crocodilian visage i glide through a red river of visions
the blood of boring ass rappers is my motherfucking spinach

its grey griffon with the jungle cat physique
still sinkin in the talons with the fatal beak of a falcon
screaming out bloodshed bloodshed like malcom
withe fist of a glacier that carved a deep path through the mountain
your broken half dome will leave onlookers astounded

a silver back who glares til he watches their stares sever
and with a swift movement bash rivals into a tree trunk then crash through it
executing territorial attacks all humans
who dares to trespass within these sacred ruins??

climbing higher as the limbs loosen and hang
the strange sensation of being watched from the furtive shadows as the night calls out to a dying day

beneath a dreaming sun in the tangled mangrove
all assaults deflected into the realm of shadows

leaping with a spear to smite you in the night
old things forgotten beneath the rubble do rise

ponder the mysteries of numbers
i plunder my slumber
under thunderclouds peeling back layers of stone as the endless ages elapse
the vast expanse
forest's roots are fed by blood it's true
and old river runs beneath us
these words came to me echoing in an old hollow skull in clearin
im just holding it up to your ears
so you can hear it

a strong song for the honest
the lean and the fierce
the tribe in the forest still hunting with spears
the farmer who listens the whispers of the land
and feeds his family by the hard work of his hands

a stingray buried in the sand of a shifting river
giver of life and taker
stranger the method than the madness
a quiet smile where the deadfall thatches
salamanders in my forest mattress

and i'm laughing
all alone in a dark foggy forest
my zone is an unknown region you've never explored before
thats why i bring the gore galore
when i swing through the vines
striking with orangutang strength to snap clean through your spine
the taker of lives with a strange light in his eyes
i sleep in a crashed helicopter and stalk false shamans at night
Track Name: Staggering Anteater Fist!
hah! junglecat technique?
more like prancing kitty chases the frog
your wrists are weak
and i suspect you're a feeble fraud
i'll bitch slap you until you rename your style
cowering ugly dog
is it called jungle cat technique
because you like to lick your own crotch and sniff deer shit?
when i hit you in your
mouth the sound is so loud
dead emperors up in heaven will hear it
and dust from your teeth crushed
will float on the breeze
& settle in their tea cups
listen, you'd have to be Edward Wilson to fathom the internal structure of my rhyme
it's as convoluted and complex yet organized
as the insides of an insect hive
so they call my style the staggering ant eater fist
because my claws rip clean through concrete
from which frail swarms of spineless warriors pour out to try to conquer me
listen, talkin shit & scrappin's what i grew up with,
you're a guest in my house
so you best respect your elders & be prepared to test your fists in defense of that bullshit that so quick to jump out your mouth
or things'll get grizzly see i've been known to gut a fishy fucker like a trout & hang im out...
Track Name: Tapetum Lucidum (beat by Alex Golkar)
and the darkness enshrouds
and the darkness enshrouds
blend with the surroundings and live in the dancing light behind the heavy vines
hanging a curtain twisting like rigor-mortise spines in the buzzing midnight of the living forest
the blackness is gorgeous in this formidable shifting fortress fantastic
tapetum lucidum glinting in the feeble moonlight that falls in fragile spires through the philodendron as they slowly climb
grave muddy mangrove print maker in quiet stroll mode
the scattered pattern in the forest renders the form of a ghost and elegant
a killing shadow ascending effortless
resting on overhanging branch apex predator drawing breath clawing dead yawing jaws alarming in their revelation of fatal head

you are but a candle in the darkness
and the forests hands hold you

and the darkness swallows you
an enveloping embrace within this misty place of unknown things
there is a string that binds us,
to all beings which would dine on us

their eyes shine in the night by torch scanning
we survive by bringing fire
to dazzle night vision in the black

should i follow the trail back made as the prey was dragged
or let them float off in the darkness, slide from the raft and swim with my crocodilian kin somewhere beneath
and eager to rip living beings in half

20 centuries pass
each epoch blends with the next
carrying forth remnants of the last
and even when our consciousness has left
our elements will drift down that spiral path

breathing control is most important
a childs mind is often distorted
my infant formi scream within
as iron of the will heated and bent, forged into a crooked sword
an imperfect artifact
hammered to shape and quenched for tensile strength and i pray never to breaks

as i enter the place
where the golden chrysalis in darkest dream hangs
every generation in the forge fire singes wings
leaping toward glorious orbit

behold in it lungs a quiet moment
interrupted by thunderous eruption

the forest's dark heart pulsing
where the impassible bramble gathers
lianas enshroud the holy ember
and may you find safe passage

through the strangling tangle

on the forests altar sleep

battleswarm battleswarm
in dismantled form i float down the path they've torn
through undergrowth
numbers explode

within impressive wreckage
a charred stone carving large in silhouette
filled with threat elevated state regenerated in
the face of the fire eyed idol

a carved mask slowly rotated
in the smoky wake blood thirst to slake
the white mans rifle
turned tribal and
blasts lead in the battle for survival

and ravenous on padded paw the spirit traverses
the tendrils connecting the sprawling forests of people
Track Name: Gweilo (beat by 加拿大人)
i came to hit u with a chinese five finger ape knuckle extinction swift implode ya head russian submarin sinkin
on some double blind clinical rhyme testin
see if them placebo effect medicines can uncave your hollow headin
old gweilo comencin with the swinging
jungle vine tyrant heavy fang tendon technician
land on you from the high ficus with ghosts in fever visions
mythic swamp prowler topplin dugout canoes to consume victims
let em soften up rottin lodged in them soggy root systems

my style is hell creek formation meets the warring states period
facial expression painted that
decommissioned battle ship grey griffon gunmetal serious
plus the barrage launch furious
to pulverize the armor
see old mother got hungry mouths to feed
so we turn the whole fleet to artificial reef plus shark bait in the harbor
when them dorsal fins split the surface
we'll see if they doggy paddle any harder

son of an old forest forgotten
stay pondering my looseleaf a burnt offering
glowing embers stay hungry
and the chief heats
hideout cave with discarded parchments

shadow puppet swift in a rural village theater
traveling minstrel in an old robe with a ghost for a teacher
its cave song symphonic and that cold ivory board these long fingers dance on is always honest

practicing stranger tactics in the deepest regions of that old cathedral
and i'm here to harvest the cobwebs along the bookshelf to weave magic bowstring i draw back
to fire a flaming arrow into the unmapped vastness
preach of the the fragile few known things
the retreat into blackness
before the day breaks like the long legs of a katydid
crumpling in the
heavy jaws of an asian water lizard
that slithers down the riverbank

captain of a ship on expedition to snatch an apparition
my style is a ming dynasty vase
echoing with the calls of a tree frog sheltered within it

lost an overgrown garden
friends of fair weather get tossed by my whirlwind
guandao swirlin through foul crowds
piling victims
while flightless rappers stay flappin their arms like decapitated chickens

launch through hidden causeway
thank the four directions for those who fall prey
and claim territory for my tong gang
long blades stay tangled in the 8 drunken gods slang

kicks land till ribs crackle
even on horse back you get tackled
and violent lion jaws neck grapple
till bone & tendon pop like the caps off snapple

i cough up a lung full of moths
in dusty old shop where empty bird cages hang and great gweilo is silent broad shouldered by illustrated wardrobe antique
stalking with that sawed off lean
the frog god team from misty lily pond that kills beyond the filigree screen of gently swaying fronds
and the god is heavy blooded and breathing leaping from tree to tree in the fog of an ever shifting realm
fell the elm with forester ax-arm technique
sinkng a hearty blade t hrough the cambium layer
you get slain

by window pane in dancing dust-frame light beams streaming
i'm the reason old timey coffins are over by the doorway leaning
my tangled talon fist lifts ribs to access organs
like stealin sodas with city kids
old sly grin in the sinister staircase where paint flakes and i'll take you there
if you're keen to learn
of the termite swarms
plotting a sprawling city beneath yours floorboards
my roar cores rhyme writers like ripened pinapples and mother packs their slices in my lunch box
enough talk i'd really rather feed you a heavy shin bone
as i leap from a shifting throne perched atop a pile of weathered river stones

my job is spurred kicks and crowing in the morning
parasites swarming in the equatorial forest
pumice is a lung shredding volcanic stone that floats because it's porous
& the reason my mt pinatubo flow forces mcs to change their rap names to Delores
& serve me waffles as i recline in vinyl diner booth
black n blue nurse a shiner and taste the metalic flavor of a freshly loosened tooth

yal best not skip a lesson
the jungle cat core curriculum is geared toward at twisting them
il they snap and fall to pieces like
dessicated milipedes
and other such arthropod creatures
through dusty apothecary wander
before i saunter into the amber sunset
some'll get crushed into powder and sprinkled on my flowerbeds
enough said
Track Name: Blade from the East (beat by MUJO情)
she came with a blade from the east
trained by a warrior priest
she mastered sword arm and weapon leg
plus snow leopard techniques
the tiny mantis on the flower
power unexpected
reflexes swift with a blade to leave you headless
effortless quickness lifted against this old force of savage gravity
cliff side combat vertical terrain a strange claim to fame
heads in a basket hurled at the feet
of the corrupt constable
a vicious gang of thieves
she cleaved one after another
many whispered that these fiends had slaughtered her father and mother
orphaned at a young age
she was raised by a sage
who taught her the ways of righteousness
along with the mightiest kung fu styles which
she practiced in the high mountain range
contemplative sent every day to fetch water
this lost daughter sought and found new purpose
and vowed protect the innocent from the dishonest and murderous

but there in the town she found strong opposition
for these thieves had protected
a powerful merchants interests
the merchant's invitation was extended
he attempted to hire her as protection
but when his offer of gold failed to flatter her
he sent forth his most notorious henchmen to battle her

but she came with a blade from the east
was trained by a warrior priest
had mastered sword arm & weapon leg
plus snow leopard techniques
the tiny mantis on the flower
with power unexpected
reflexes swift with a blade to leave you headless
blood showered from necks split
as wicked snakes writhed
in the forest cat's deathgrip

old bamboo legs chopped to bloody splinters
master of the striking lizard
failed to dodge an attack now with a broken back he slithers
ohhh immortal hawk caught a blinding wheel kick to the mouth
and got knocked clean through the wall of the grimy teahouse
now shut your weak mouth
rumors among bandits
no honor among thieves
so the merchant sent away for a new weapon from the east
some called it a dragon stave
it spit lead with flames
and could splatter any master's flesh bone and brains
heavy gold in a crate for trade he claimed his mysterious contraption
he set a trap then
framed a young fighter who was new to the town
and talented
knowing that she'd arrive to challenge him
a tragic diversionary tactic
her assassin melted into the crowd
that gathered round
as the hand to hand combat began to happen
the greedy man quietly laughing
for he could see it was true
swords required skill
but with this new invention
any bloody coward could pull the trigger and kill
with a puff of smoke
her blood spilled
shot in the back by a merchant
she bled slow
a handful of blossoms wilting there in the snow

they said she came with a blade from the east
trained by a warrior priest had mastered sword arm and weapon leg plus snow leopard techniques
the tiny mantis on the flower with tactic power and skill
but with this new contraption any bloody coward could pull the trigger and kill